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What is UV Bonding

UV bonding UV Bonding is a process whereby, typically two pieces of glass are glued together using a UV curing adhesive, which is cured by either a UV light or UV activator.
The advantage of using this technique is that the "glued" joints show no visible sign of the uv glue itself and has a professional look and feel!
  Metal parts such as Stainless steel or aluminium hinges, knobs and locks are also UV Bonded to the glass which delivers that excellent look and feel!
The "glued" joints are also stronger than any other types of adhesive on the market today and provides excellent ridgidity when building showcases etc.

 UV Bonding Curing

UV Curing times range from 5 seconds pre-cures to 3 minutes final curing times depending on wattage of the UV Light & thickness & colour stain of the glass.

 Bright Polished Glass

Glass used forUV Bonding MUST have bright polished edges to achieve the desired results when bonding and is more often than not processed on a CNC machine to maintain accuracy.

UV Bonded Sliding Door

UV bonding is by far the strongest and neatest way of constructing glass furniture, glass showcases and can be applied in many other applications.
Photo on the left depicts an office sliding door weighing at 150KG supported by two UV Bonded Stainless Steel Brackets


In today's fast and ever changing world of design perfection, it would be unthinkable not to apply the UV bonding technique in ones designs or applications.

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