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Core Business

a) On Site Repairs and costing...

Our day to day business is "Call Out" repairs on site.
In most cases where a repair is required we will have to first "un-bond" components from the damaged glass and requires time to do this professionally, as we don't want to damage the component or the glass.
Should repair work be assumed to be complicated either way on site, we can remove any damaged units for repair in our workshop and delivered back to site to avoid minimum disruption to your store.
After hour collections, deliveries or repairs can also be arranged and is key in keeping happy clients.

In rare cases it is sometimes not possible to repair certain Bonded items or Glass Displays  or is too risky, depending on the damage and/or the methods used to construct the item originally.
In this case we will advise you of a complete replacement up-front.


We operate on a standard call out fee rate for repair work which includes travel and primarily covers our repair technicians travel time, fuel and maintenance cost for getting to you speedily.
On top of this you can expect to pay the UV Bonding costs on each component that you need bonded and /or a linear meter price on glass to glass bonding.
The cost for "un-bonding" is usually an equalcost to that of the bonding cost per component, as more often than not, takes longer than the UV Bonding process itself.

Linear or "Glass to Glass" un-bonding is usually at least half the price of the standard linear meter charge for UV Bonding prices.
Where many items need repairing on-site, an hourly fee can rather be agreed upon to keep your bill low and is more than often established "up-front".

b) In House CAD Design & Manufacture...

Having a problem deciding on what you need? No problem! Just contact us for a free visit to establish exactly what you need and we will do a free no obligation Quotation.
A CAD drawing can be supplied & included to you "free of charge" for your approval after accepting the quotation with a standard 70% Deposit with your order.

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